During the time of slavery in the United States of America, the most whole White-Americans acquired the Negro gene. Fruit of the African slaves, resulting in the transition of the first pure European settlers to the impure recent ‘White’-Americans.

This aftermath started with the process to miscegenation, between Blacks and Whites. Thus the progeny of Mulattoes.

– ‘Mulatto’ denotes the offspring of one White parent and one Black parent, whose ancestry is a mixture of Caucasoid and Negroid.

Mulattoes were the result of miscegenation, in other words, the interbreeding of different races.

Sexual activity among Slaves and their Masters often happened in plantations. Either by force of the Masters or by the Slaves’s true will, though it wasn’t really the case.

While the Masters were able to force their Slaves into having sexual activities, the Slaves themselves were scared to submit their bodies to their Master’s command and afterwards afraid to tell anyone, because of the severe consequences.

From a slaves point of view, it was torture. It left them helpless, terrified and consequently pregnant.
As it was not an offense nor a crime, for the White male to have sexual intercourse with the Black females, it became a common practice under Colonial Law, Chattel Slavery.


In 1813, Harriet Ann Jacobs, born to a Black mother and a White father, she states in her book entitled Incidents in the Life of a Slave girl:

“My Master, was to my knowledge, the father of eleven slaves. But did the mothers dare to tell who’s the father of their children?
Did the other slaves dare to allude to it, except in whispers among themselves?
No, indeed. They knew all too well the terrible consequences.”

The result of these actions, was the birth of a child with light brown skin.
Over times, if Mulattoes had children with Whites or other Mulattoes, the skin colour of their children would got “Whiter”.
And eventually, if this happened enough, though the children would still have Negro ancestry, they would appear to be completely White.

Frederick Douglas, a well-known abolitionist was also thought to be Mulatto.
In his autobiography The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American, he quotes another story of miscegenation.

  “My father was a White man, he was admitted to be such, by all I ever heard speak of my parentage.
The opinion was also whispered, that my master was my father but the correctness of his opinion I know nothing.
The means of meaning was withheld from me.”

Evidence suggests that on plantations there was a favoritism towards Mulattoes.
They were often preferred over Negroes as households servants or concubines, which generally, would get less work than those who work in the field.
Mulattoes were also more likely to learn a craft or a skill, which could lead them to earn money in their spare time, if their Masters allowed it. And eventually, to buy their freedom.

Records show that high proportions of emancipated slaves were Mulatto.

As time went on, more and more mixed race heritage slaves began to exist.
Some who looked completely White figured out that it was easy to escape slavery, if they had fled up North, and change their names.
Since they didn’t have their dark skin anymore, no one would know their Negro heritage, and thus couldn’t be recognized as Slaves.

This consequently, sparked many trials from which people were indicted of having Negro heritage, under the One-Drop-Rule.
Some White citizens were falsely accused of such, by slave owners, because they wanted more Slaves for labor, without importing their own.

Accusations like these were easy, since people tended to trust the word of a Slave owner over an accused Negro.

This first step, on the exercise of Mongrelization of America between Whites and Blacks, continued throughout the tide of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and forth, involving many generations whom produced posterity of a high degree of mtDNA Sub-Saharan ancestry, in White-Americans.

Some White slave owners who continued this common practice of Concubinage, were also of mixed ancestry. Hence, this succession of enduring changing social and political climate in American history often led to the Bastardization of the ‘European’ race in America, and other populations, such as the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

The input of the Negro gene into the White-American gene-pool didn’t just happen between Black female slaves, and White masters.

Yet, during the late sixteen and seventeen hundreds the Negro paternal lineage was also introduced in White-Americans, when male Blacks slaves from Africa started being imported in such a high number to America, to substitute the sick poor-White slaves.

Both Black and White slaves, worked together, ate together and slept together.

“We and the Negroes both alike did fare, of work and food we had equal share”.
James Revel.

This consequently led to race mixing, and thus, a quite common practice among Black males and White females.

In some locations of USA, about 2/3 Americans of all new born children had White mothers and Black fathers. We see the effect of this early race mixing in the Y-DNA make up of White-Americans, today. In fact, according to the Census Bureau, about 90% of all White-Americans who have roots in the south have some recent paternal Negro heritage.

This was the paternal meltdown, when male African slaves already under Anglo-Saxon names started interbreeding with the daughters of the Slave masters, and citizens alike, under secrecy.

Though it was a crime under the Anti-Miscegenation law, if often happened behind the daughter’s families’s back…as those caught in such act would be punished.

The already most formed couples, had exiled in the north to start a new life.

Up to this day White-Americans, even though mixed with the Negroes, Indigenous and Semites, classify themselves as “White”.
Either because of lack of knowledge, or shame.

This upshot is visible in the make up of the American president, Barack Obama. The first Western nation to have a Black president.


When the first Europeans docked in America’s coastline, they did not find nor created a “new world,” but rather, remodeled a new one.

This process is often entitled of “Colonialism.”

Colonialism is the substitution of one’s culture over another, brought in by outsiders and either adopted under acceptance or forced in host populations through assimilation.

In all facets of Colonialism, social connections between the host populations and colonizers are vital.
Hence, the reproduction of America and it’s racial structure was no different than the notion of cohesion between “aliens” and inhabitants, and thus it’s commixture.

In the building of America, Interracial marriage was the maniple ingredient of the colonial project that benefited the basic necessities such as food and lofty ambitions, like political power.
It eased the new cross-cultural encounters in ways that brought temporary peace, but could not ultimately stop the progression of European dominance over natives.

It helped to spread the Christian religion as well as explain Native culture to ‘White’ men. Whom turned females into auxiliary players akin to commodities and placed them in positions of influential and economical power.
It helped to meld Natives and Europeans together while consequentially producing an offspring who would later be viewed as degenerate. It also filled the simple role that all marriage does by providing two people with a partner to help and support them.

Since the European disembarkation in the New World, the first proposition that Europeans were susceptible upon settling was on how to acquire food.
But, since Traders did not possess the required time nor the regional knowledge for growing food or hunting in foreign land, they had to establish good relations and strengthen their connections with the Natives in order to survive. Therefore, Traders relied on the Indigenous populations for food as they were traveling. They prompted that interracial marriages could be the key in the sowing of America, even if only useful for attaining food to eat, but foremost, for the foundational social ties of the fur trade, established through marriage.

In the “middle ground” of the fur trade, post-contact North America, the traditional roles of Indigenous women were limited till expanded, and their actions as negotiators, sexual partners, intercultural emissaries, spouses, workers, and members of intricate kin networks became increasingly important.

These marriages between European men and Native women were encouraged by Iroquois leaders, as a way to create a social bond reinforcing the economic relationship between the two groups.

Events like these can all be seen, perhaps, in the most famous interracial marriage of all time, between John Rolfe and Pocahontas, depicted in Brueckner’s painting entitled: “The Marriage of Pocahontas”.

As Kaarin Mann described Brueckner’s painting:

“…all are smiling and healthful looking. The Indians are shown wearing cloth goods that would have been gained, wearing cloth goods that would have been gained through the fur trade, illustrating that trade agreements had been arranged and were working smoothly.

The marriage is clearly happening inside a church. The Ten Commandments from the Bible are posted on the wall behind the priest who is leading the ceremony. Both Whites and Indians are brought into the church through Pocahontas’ and Rolfe’s marriage in a physical sense that points to their likely spiritual conversion.

The presence of a child in the front row serves as a representation of the child this marriage would produce, Thomas Rolfe.

The simple joy of partnership is represented by the couple holding hands and the serene, happy face Brueckner gives Pocahontas. An open window shows the world outside full of promising sunshine that flows into the room to illuminate the blissful couple as if the whole world were made new through their union. Perhaps the world was made new.

Pocahontas and Rolfe would have been one of the first interracial marriages between a White and an Indigenous in America, starting a long line of marriages which
would help shape America into what it is today.”


Here are some renowned celebrities, whom have a high degree of Indigenous ancestry.

America an incalculable concept. A mongrel nation built under a non-selective but uniform racial digestion, of bits and pieces that seem discordant out of many, one.

“Of all the nations in the world, the United States was built in nobody’s image. It was the land of the unexpected, of unbounded hope, of ideals, of quest for an unknown perfection. It is all the more unfitting that we should offer ourselves in images. And all the more fitting that the images which we make wittingly or unwittingly to sell America to the world should come back to haunt and curse us.”

In America’s racially complex system, there isn’t much talk about race, or what does really define the race of a person. Other than judging by the phenotype of an individual, Americans categorize themselves based on their looks, rather than their genetic make up.

America, a country built on foreign immigration and assimilation between different races encountered in every corner of the orb, was susceptible to practice interracial like in no other emplacement.

The United States of America itself is a race-less country.

A Melting Pot of people, where modern day Americans don’t belong to a particular racial group, but to a segment of multiracial people with no particular identity or assortment.

This being said, Americans are product of miscegenation between different races, through it’s course of fabric. A country built on interracial procreation, when in all fairness it’s only adequate to assert that Americans are part of a new race. The Mongrel race.

As Geoffrey C. Ward put it, an historian and documentary filmmaker, who wrote the article entitled “Mongrel Nation” published in Smithsonian Magazine in November 2001, shortly after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Ward wrote: “We (Americans) are a mongrel people, and at our best, we glory in it.” Ward argued that the Civil War was won by a highly diverse Union army that was made up largely of African Americans and immigrants, while the American Revolutionary War was won by a diverse group of ordinary soldiers of virtually every occupation. The society, Ward wrote, was built on “classless equality.

Either White, Black, Brown or Yellow by Phenotype…The Genotype of the Americans has become a bowl of colorful cereals mixed altogether, having slowly absorbed each others’s bloodline into what we came to know today as the declared average American mutt.

Since the colonization of the Americas, during the Cotton Plantation passing through Rodeo times, to the modern days of today…Americans were prone to practice interracial like no other country. And they freely did it, either by professedly will or secrecy.

This fact alone, is presentable on the character of the Americans. And thus, not an excuse to be hidden.

It is a testimonial in American Culture and a token of deposition in American History earnest in movies, music and even pornography, where interracial is celebrated in a National scene of vainglory in America.

No other country in the world has practiced and promoted the act of Interracial practice, as Americans did.
No other country or people of the world, did this, but Americans.

As White-Americans kept decreasing in numbers (due to low natality rates and high miscegenation ratio), Blacks propagated themselves growing along side the waves of the newly immense fertilizing Mexicans (or Mestizos)  into the country, with other minor minorities alike, brushing the last pure White-Americans.

The American President is perhaps the best example.
Barack Obama the most famous American today, is half White and half Black. He is the face of America. And thus, the face of every American.

It should be noted that, America is the first country in the West to have a ‘colored’ President in the chair.

Up to this day, the United States of America remains the only country in the world where Interracial is a common practice in society, accepting new clarets in the sackcloth, having led (and still leading) the charts in the act of Interracial, as no form of taboo.

Americans themselves are the leaders of interracial procreation.

The “Americanization” (synonymous to Mongrelization) in a collective manner of diversity between differential Ethnic groups has been the quantum to this racial deduction, notably on frontiers, where different groups of people came together.

As Adolf Hitler, dictator of Nazi Germany, put in describing the American race, as a “mongrel race”, that of the result of intermarrying different races, he writes on his book, “Mein Kampf” in 1927, that the ultimate goal of the Jews was the “promiscuous bastardization of other peoples” and the “domination of the racial mishmash ….” As dictator, he forbid marriages between Germans and the races he considered subhuman — Jews and Slavs. Hitler assured his aides that the United States would not be able to conquer Germany because Americans were a mongrel people.

Today, ‘White’-Americans are part of a perpendicular Multi-ethnic breed, having consequently inherited the necessary residual manifold fragmentation of several other races, through integration, in the route of American history.

These ulterior circumstances contributed to the modern day genetic make up and identity of the average White-American.
An amalgamation of races, fused in the frame of America, where the word “Pure” is no way nearby the word “American”.


Famous historical figures, have pointed out and identified the overall Americans, as Mongrels (or Mutts).

Adolf Hitler’s installment addressed to Americans:
“America is a Mongrel nation, run by Jews”. Adolf Hitler

Barack Obama’s quotation, “The View”:
“We are sort of a Mongrel people”Barack Obama

Anna Quindlen on the Newsweek article, “A Quilt of a Country”:
“America is an improbable idea. A mongrel nation built of
ever-changing disparate parts”
Anna Quindlen

U.S Historian Daniel J. Boorstin wrote in, “The Image”:
“Of all the nations in the world, the United States
was built in nobody’s image.”
Daniel Boorstin

Geoffrey C.Ward published “Mongrel Nation in Smithsonian Magazine:                                              “We are a mongrel people, and at our best, we glory in it.” – Geoffrey C. Ward

Philosopher, Immanuel Kant adds:                                                                                                                  “The yellow Indians do have a meager talent. The Negroes are far below them and at the lowest point are a part of the American peoples.” – Emmanuel Kant


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